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Chris Womble AKA “Wombat”
Drums, Percussion, Songwriter, Producer

   Chris has been a drummer since he was seven. His uncle Lance Fuqua, a studio session drummer based in Phoenix, AZ. gave him his first lesson and the juices just flowed from there. Schooled and trained, Chris played in his schools Concert and Jazz Band. After high school he ventured down south to study drums full time. Upon Graduating MI, Chris found his way into several top bands and began his Professional Drumming career as a Recording/Touring Drummer. Having been signed by two major record labels, several independent labels and touring the world several times, gives Chris the experience you want on your next Record or Tour. Chris’s major influence is All Drummers! Although if he had to single out a few it would be John Bonham, Terry Bozzio, Carmine Appice, Tommy Lee, Shannon Larkin, Neil Peart, Joe Franco, Gene Krupa and Buddy Rich at the top of the list! The Drummer Drives! Chris has shared Stages and Legs of Tours with Aldo Nova, Eddie Money, Quiet Riot, Night Ranger, Great White, Dokken, Missing Persons, Foghat, Steppenwolf, Love Hate, Smile Empty Soul, Madlife, The Dreaming, Loudness, Joe Perry Project, Just to name a few… So Book Chris for your next Session, Clinic or Tour! You’ll be glad you did!

All Styles Welcome! Because It’s Not Just 2 & 4!

latest albums:

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PHONE: 425-891-8793

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Chris’s Sonor Kits include:

*Sonor Lite in Crème White Lacquer:
2-16” x 26” Kick Drums, 2-18” x 24” Kick Drums 1- 16”x 20” Gong Bass Drum, 1-8"x8" Rack Tom, 1-10"x10" Rack Tom, 1- 11” x 12” Rack Tom, 1-12” x 13” Rack Tom. 1-13” x 14” Rack Tom, 1-15” x 16” Floor Tom, 1-17” x 18” Floor Tom, 1- 8” x 14” Sonor LD557 Snare Drum

*Sonor Designer Series Maple in Custom Black Diamond Plate Finish:
2-17.5”x 24” Kick Drums, 1-9”x12” Rack Tom, 1-10” x 13” Rack Tom, 1-16”x16” Floor Tom, 1-16” x18” Floor Tom, 1-16"x20" Gong Bass,  1-6”x24” Octabon, 1-6.5”x14” Designer Maple Snare Drum

*Sonor Performers in Gloss Black:
2-16”x22” Kick Drums, 1-11”x12” Rack Tom, 1-12”x13” Rack Tom, 1-15”x16” Floor Tom, 1-19”x18” Floor Tom, 1- D456-6.5” x 14” Chrome Snare Drum

Various Snare Drums:
1-8”x14” Sonor SQ2 Chrome Beechwood, 1-7.25"x14" Sonor SQ2 Ebony Maple, 1-6”x14” Sonor Artist Bronze Black, 1-8”x14” Sonor DC Bronze Signature, 1-8”x14” Sonor Phonic D508, 1-6”x14” Sonor Delite in Champagne Sparkle Maple, 1-8"x14” Sonor Phonic D508X Beech Custom, 1-6.5"x14" Sonor Designer Maple In Red Sparkle, 1-6.5”x14” Hammered Ludwig Black Beauty, 1-7.5” x14” Medicineman Custom Wombat Snare Drum
All Drums Include *Humes And Berg Enduro/Enduro Pro Cases

Cymbal Vaults and Hardware Coffins:
Soultone Cymbals:
Brilliant Custom Series: 8”, 10” 12” Splashes, 16” 17” 18” 19” 20” Medium Crashes, 19” FXO Crash
Chinas: 16” FXO, 18”, 20”, 24” Heavy Ride, 14” Wave 15” Wave Hi-Hats
Effects Bells: 5” 7” 9”, Chinese Flip 6”
36” GongCustom 18" Brown Design, 19" Green Design

Pintech Electronic Acoustic Triggers/Pads/Internal Triggers

Audix Microphones

Shure Microphones

DW/Gibraltar/Sonor Hardware

Anvil Gong Case

Kickports In All Bass Drums

Cympads On All Cymbal Stands

Porter And Davies Tactile w/Roc-N-Soc Base

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                                        Got Cases? Get The Best Cases Made From Humes And Berg And Tell Them Wombat Sent You!!!!

                                        Got Cases? Get The Best Cases Made From Humes And Berg And Tell Them Wombat Sent You!!!!

2nd Wombat Shot By Iron Mike Savoia
Wombat Stage Shot By Iron Mike Savoia
3rd Wombat Stage Shot By Iron Mike Savoia
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All payments process through PayPal.

Wombat Signature Black and Blue Pro Enduro Snare Cases


Soultone Custom Brilliant Series "Wombat Signature" FXO 16" China

Soultone 18" Vintage Series Wombat Signature

Soultone 19" Custom Brilliant Series Wombat Signature


AHEAD Wombat Signature drum sticks